OS:Windows7 32bit



C:\devkit>ruby dk.rb init
[INFO] found RubyInstaller v1.9.3 at C:/Ruby193
Initialization complete! Please review and modify the auto-generated
'config.yml' file to ensure it contains the root directories to all
of the installed Rubies you want enhanced by the DevKit.
C:\devkit>ruby dk.rb install
[INFO] Updating convenience notice gem override for 'C:/Ruby193'
[INFO] Installing 'C:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/site_ruby/devkit.rb'


C:\devkit>gem install vagrant


c:\devkit>vagrant box add centos64 vagrant box add centos64
Vagrant could not detect VirtualBox! Make sure VirtualBox is properly installed.

Vagrant uses the `VBoxManage` binary that ships with VirtualBox, and requires
this to be available on the PATH. If VirtualBox is installed, please find the
`VBoxManage` binary and add it to the PATH environmental variable.

PATHが通っていないとのことで「C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox」を追加してからやり直しで完了

c:\devkit>vagrant box add centos64 vagrant box add centos64
c:\devkit>vagrant init centos64
c:\devkit>vagrant up